Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Frank Chen on Twitter: "1/ Why are people so fired up about a computer winning yet-another-board-game?"

1/ Why are people so fired up about a computer winning yet-another-board-game?

2/ We saw similar media mania around Deep Blue beating Kasparov in 1996-97, but that didn't lead to general #AI breakthroughs

3/ But here are some reasons AI researchers are fired up about AlphaGo beating Lee Se-dol and how it might presage much more general

4/ #AI breakthroughs with applications far beyond board games

5/ First, Go is much more complicated than tic-tac-toe or checkers or chess. GOOG points out Go has a googol more possible positions

6/ compared with chess. Because yo can’t bruce force search space, whole new set of learning algorithms were needed

7/ Second, it shows off how an ensemble of learning techniques (deep learning + reinforcement + Monte Carlo tree search) beats any single

8/ technique in isolation. Monte Carlo tree search is unsung hero (since deep learning gets all the glory), as it’s great way of exploring

9/ very large search space without brute force exploring every node

10/ Third, it perfectly illustrates the pendulum switch in AI away from expert systems (capturing human expertise in algorithms) to

11/ algorithms which learn themselves through experience. A delightful example if this class of algorithms called genetic algorithms

12/ figured out how to play and beat Super Mario World …

13/ Finally, as Google writes:

14/ So the oh-so-tantalizing prospect is that we can program computers to mimic human intuition and flow and imagination

15/ Rather than just solve problems with  brute force computational power and reliable, large memories

16/ So is this #AlphaGo win the beginning of real progress towards generalized intelligence compared to the false start of winning chess?

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