Wednesday, December 17, 2014

QQ-plots in R vs. SPSS – A look at the differences

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Peter Norvig's Spell Checker in Two Lines of Base R

Who does not need a spell checker?

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sorted_words <- names(sort(table(strsplit(tolower(paste(readLines(""), collapse = " ")), "[^a-z]+")), decreasing = TRUE))
correct <- function(word) { c(sorted_words[ adist(word, sorted_words) <= min(adist(word, sorted_words), 2)], word)[1] }

Correlations Matrix

A list of ways to create a correlation matrix:

Sketching Scatterplots to Demonstrate Different Correlations | OUseful.Info, the blog...:

Five ways to visualize your pairwise comparisons

And, of course, for everything, there is an R package:

plot of chunk mixed