Tuesday, December 3, 2013

PISA results: A view point from Computer Based Math

Agree with Conrad Wolfram that "The skills [real-world maths] requires are ... more conceptual, more intellectual and definitely more creative.
Today's maths PISA results are predictable in the successes that many Asian countries show and the mediocrity of many of the traditional Western countries--like the UK.
I believe PISA is meticulous in conducting its tests and reflects a good evaluation of standards of today's maths education. And yet I think if countries like the UK simply try to climb up today's PISA assessment, they'd be doing the wrong thing.
The playing field of today's maths education is restricted to manual calculating procedures allied to the limited problem-solving that they can support. Today's mainstream real-world maths is much broader: applying the process of maths--using the best computational mechanisation--to much harder problems. The skills it requires are rather different, but if anything more conceptual, more intellectual and definitely more creative.
A Raspberry Pi bundled with Free Mathematica and the new Wolfram language is on my Xmas shopping list.

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