Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Not so much information Jobs!

Via Justin Fox at HBR
The job numbers are in the United States. Maybe STEM crisis is a myth after all.  Anyone who has experience going to an IT department or calling the IT help should not be surprised seeing the chart. More likely we have real growing IT/information jobs, just not in America. Same is true with entrepreneurs. When you buy an app from Android or iPad, do you know or care who developed it? A kid in China or India can get all the skills needed from MOOC.

The knowledge gap is real, but the gap is not necessary between nations. The recent PISA score is an indication. While the good education systems, such as those in Massachusetts, could rank high, but as nation the United States is behind, mostly due to the "left behind" kids. The kids in Shanghai and in Massachusetts are probably going to do equally well.

When we think about the STEM education as a public policy, it is not enough to look the chart above and declare that STEM crisis is a myth. We need to think about how globalization and information age together change the economy landscape. The job prospect is not bright for low information workers. And knowledge workers, a term borrowed from Peter Drucker, are competing globally.  

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