Monday, November 4, 2013

Konterra Solar - Business Insider

Konterra Solar - Business Insider
Now, the headquarters of Konterra, previously best known as the Laurel, Md.-based property developer serving the DC metro area, is home to one of the first renewable energy storage systems in the U.S. capable of not only storing generation when the sun's not shining, but also delivering power to the local electric grid.

The parts to focus on are the inverter, the batteries, and the transformer.

The inverter is used to convert the electricity generated by Konterra's new rooftop solar panels, which come with the system, into a usable current to power either the building or the local grid.

The battery, which is actually just an off-the-shelf lithium ion package, can be tapped by the local grid to temporarily charge or discharge excess power in the surrounding area.

Finally, the transformer can remove the Konterra building from the grid in case of a regional power outage, providing up to four hours-worth of backup supply. “When you can really squeeze value out of [solar and storage], it will revolutionize not just solar, but the way the grid operates,” the head of Standard Solar, which developed the whole project, told LaMonica. “You’ll see lots of distributed generation and microgrids, and the grid will be more of a backup.”
Distributed Power!

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