Thursday, October 10, 2013

 Popular Science Writing

Continue with my thought the report about reading fictions, science reporting and popular science writing are often over-blown. Most of such writings are from journalists, who are struggling with understanding the science themselves, sometimes, the writings are from scientists who want more publicity or have an agenda.

Some names come to mind, Malcom Glawell and Jonah Lehrer. Christopher Chabris' assessment on Jonah Lehrer can be easily copied and paste into many popular science book reviews:
Jonah Lehrer was never a very good science writer. He seemed not to fully understand the science he was trying to explain; his explanations were inaccurate, overblown, and often just plain wrong, usually in the direction of giving his readers counterintuitive thrills and challenging their settled beliefs.

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And of course, hat-tip to Andrew Gelman.

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