Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lucy Kellaway on ‘David and Goliath’ by Malcolm Gladwell - FT.com

Lucy Kellaway on ‘David and Goliath’ by Malcolm Gladwell - FT.com:
Here is another one.
David and Goliath is an ill-assorted collection of anecdotes that demonstrates various things we already know. It tells us that having nothing to lose can make you bolder. That if you deploy power indiscriminately, it may backfire. And that losing a parent early on can give you a leg up if you plan on becoming a genius.
Malcolm Gladwell’s new book comes without the single, catchy idea that made his earlier ones such stonking successes. The Tipping Point (2000) introduced us to the instant at which a trend became a trend. Blink (2005) told us how we make decisions without thinking. And Outliers (2008) warned that if you want to get good at something, you’ll need to spend 10,000 hours practising.
Yet David and Goliath is Gladwell’s most enjoyable book so far. It is a feel-good extravaganza, nourishing both heart and mind. 
Well, I will skip this book.
Tom and Jerry’, in which the little guy always wins.

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