Wednesday, October 23, 2013

About the Jimmy Kimmel's "kill everyone in China"

Follow up to the previous post, the racial and political aspects are also interesting.

First of all, kid talking about killing more than 1 billion people over debt, is not cute or provocative. The kid needs help, and his family too. Teaching using violence as a solution to a financial difficulty is seriously wrong. Even though some may feel it funny, because China is remote, and an "enemy".

Before the killing talk, the kid said "“The government should step it up and stop being little crybabies and make up their mind.” he won applause and praise. It makes good sound bite, especially from a kid, but it cannot stand examination. Washington gets into trouble not due to lack of manhood, or determination. Probably the opposite is true.

It won applause only because it came from a kid. However, it does not sound like 6-year-old talk to me. It more likely is just a mirror of what he heard. The thinking that manhood is ultimate solution to tough problems leads to, not surprisingly, "kill everyone in China".

I don't want to be judgmental to a young kid. It is adults around him, Jimmy Kimmel included to blame.

Back to the show, it is a mirror how the media frame the coverage of debt. It is more what Jimmy Kimmel did not ask the kids than what Jimmy Kimmel picked to ask the kids.

Government shutdown has more to do with Affordable Care Act than debt, why talk about debt?
The largest debt holder of U.S. treasury is domestic, Federal Government itself ! The Federal Reserve holds roughly twice of what China is holding. Other large domestic holders include retirement funds, state governments, and corporations. Foreign holdings are less than 1/3, and China holds less than 10% of the total debt. Japan, an ally of the United States (forget Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor for a minute; WWII is over), holds a similar level as China.

Why single out China? Debt is a real problem, but not a "China" problem.

I have read many "experts" saying China has no other better investment than U.S. Treasury, and there are enough other buyers out there. B.S.! Why I cannot read as often the report that treasury sectaries traveling to Beijing to assure Chinese government that Treasury is "safe"? Right, such stories do not fit into the picture. How often do they fly over there, anybody keeps counts? And the sectaries of HUD also travel to Beijing to sell, oh wait, safe MBS.

With China or not, U.S. debt level is rising. It is the FED, not China, keeping the interest rate low. It is the wars, tax cut and other expenditures piled up the debt. By the way, the wars are not against China, yet.

So, the great Jimmy Kimmel, when he wanted to educated a cute kid who just wanted to mass murder more than 1 billion people, kindly asked "Shall we allow Chinese to live?" What a mercy! Surely he remembers, as an intelligent celebrity, the American armed force met with Chinese army in battle field twice after World War II.And, that is an old and poor without any U.S. debt or much financial property in whatever form.

Watch the show again, you will see. Kid was taught that key to solve tough problems is to be "tougher". A celebrity thinks mass killing is an "interesting" idea, and discuss whether to allow 1.3 billion people to live light-heartedly, as if talking about whether to show mercy to an ant on the pavement.

Now, we are wondering, what is wrong with our kids.

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