Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The STEM Crisis Is a Myth - IEEE Spectrum

The STEM Crisis Is a Myth - IEEE Spectrum:
I don't have enough data to comment whether the STEM shortage is true, but I certainly agree with the author on broader STEM education. STEM education for all public, not necessarily, career in STEM.
 "A broader view, I and many others would argue, is that everyone needs a solid grounding in science, engineering, and math. In that sense, there is indeed a shortage—a STEM knowledge shortage. To fill that shortage, you don’t necessarily need a college or university degree in a STEM discipline, but you do need to learn those subjects, and learn them well, from childhood until you head off to college or get a job. Improving everyone’s STEM skills would clearly be good for the workforce and for people’s employment prospects, for public policy debates, and for everyday tasks like balancing checkbooks and calculating risks. And, of course, when science, math, and engineering are taught well, they engage students’ intellectual curiosity about the world and how it works."

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