Monday, September 23, 2013

EPA Issues Regulations for New Coal-Fired Plants - IEEE Spectrum

EPA Issues Regulations for New Coal-Fired Plants - IEEE Spectrum:

"The EPA originally aimed to set a single standard for both coal and gas plants, at the lower limit, but under pressure from industry, it slightly eased the limit for coal. It is a minor concession. ...
The EPA's regulations are being universally interpreted to imply, therefore, that no new coal plant can be built in the United States unless it provides for carbon capture and storage (CSS)."
In the meantime, regulatory uncertainty will be one more reason for energy companies not to build new coal plants on any basis. But that uncertainty is but one of three conditions, any one of which is sufficient to virtually guarantee there will be no new coal-based generation. For a real renaissance in coal-fired power to occur, not only would gas prices have to rise sharply, but there would have to a fundamental change in environmentalist opinion.
Why would anyone, excepted those with vested interest, like "a real renaissance" of coal? Who is missing the smoking chimneys?
We want energy, and clean air. If coal cannot provide that, so we look somewhere else. Nothing to be sad about. 

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