Thursday, September 12, 2013

Can Your Results be Replicated? | (R-bloggers)

Can Your Results be Replicated?:
It’s very easy when you’re working through someone else’s code to be satisfied when you’ve successfully got your computer to produce the same numbers you see in the paper. But replicating a published result in one software package does not mean that you necessarily understand what that software package is doing, that the software is doing it correctly, or that doing it at all is the appropriate thing to do – in our case none of those were true and working out why was key to writing our paper.
Replicated vs. reproducible Research.

Interesting observation that we reply on the software to find a "solution" without much understanding of the algorithm used by the software. If this can happen for academic papers, think how many more you will see in industrial and business.
I have seen many meaningless, but colorful and pretty charts produced by Crystal Ball, Minitab, or Weibull++. Copy and Paste from Excel, click a button, and behold!

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